In the beginning, there was no vegan milk chocolate!

IMG_1164m I can’t remember life before I met chocolate. Chocolate eating (in moderation) was never discouraged- nobody in my house was ever on a diet. When I was very young, my mother introduced us the great Roald Dahl stories- the one that struck me the most was the one about the glorious chocolate factory. It’s the ultimate chocolate fantasy! How wonderful it would be to be in Willy Wonka’s shoes!

As I grew up, I learned more and more about real chocolate. My father is not remotely into Catholicism, but when he married my mum he really embraced the concept of lent. Every year, with difficulty, he would give up his daily dose of his favorite deep dark chocolate – all so he could feast on a truly enormous chocolate rabbit on Easter Day. These bittersweet chocolate bunnies, which were easily over two feet tall, were specially made (and transported overseas) by his favorite chocolatier in England, Mr. Humphrey.

Real dark chocolate, made from carefully roasted cacao, is a magnificent substance. About six years ago, after being exposed to some disturbing facets of the food industry, I went vegan and got really into cooking. As a college graduation gift, my parents bought me a hobbyist chocolate making setup. I started with some recommended recipes for dark chocolate, and then started playing around with making a vegan milk chocolate. Schmilk! I had missed milk chocolate– a species distinct from the dark stuff. Smooth, creamy, decadence. There were a couple fails, but then I found some happy results. I started to think of selling it –

Perhaps I can be Schmonka!