• From Bean to Bar

    Chocolate Hollow is home to a range of decadent chocolates, all of which happen to be vegan. Deeply dark and complex Bittersweet chocolate made from bean to bar, as well as our original line of Schmilk milk-style chocolate- the Hollow has something for everyone. We are proud to be committed to fair-trade and organic cacao!
  • So Many Varieties!

    The thrill of discovering a delicious formulation and a respect for great ingredients provide the motivation for a new generation of carefully crafted, gourmet and eye-catching chocolate bars.
  • Beautiful Bars

    Chocolate Hollow bars are hand-made from organic and fair-trade cacao.
  • Relax, it's vegan!

    We only make delicious things that happen to be vegan.

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Dairy-free Chocolate

Dairy-free Chocolate is an ethical solution to mainstream chocolate production. Using wholesome ingredients and our secret Schmilk recipe we recreate traditional milk chocolate favorites, without using any dairy products. All of our artisan chocolate bars are entirely vegan! Hurray for dairy-free chocolate!

Our Vermont chocolate factory

Chocolate Hollow is a very small dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate factory in

Winooski, Vermont.

We are all about exploration in chocolate. This is the home of Schmilk, our original vegan milk chocolate.

Our recipes are inspired by limitations in ingredient choice, but the culinary possibilities for our chosen set of potential ingredients is endless! Taking these restrictions as a given, our first priority is to chase deliciousness.

We have just begun to explore the uncountable collection of dairy-free chocolate recipes. All of our artisan chocolate bars are made with gluten-free chocolate. Contact us today!

Artisan Chocolate Makers

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We make it all from scratch! Both our SCHMILK (vegan milk chocolate) and our special bean-to-bar Bittersweet chocolate ard ground by stone melanger for three days to produce a silky smooth consistency.

Original dairy-free chocolate recipes


Milk chocolate is close to the hearts of many. Our dairy-free chocolate business is inspired by ethical concerns about mainstream chocolate production, but we are here to serve those who wish to avoid dairy for any reason. All of our artisan chocolate bars are entirely vegan. Exploration into new vegan milk chocolate territory has meant lots of test batches and tweaking. We are proud of our secret Schmilk recipe!

Our Schmilk bars fool omnivorous taste testers all the time.

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Bean-to-bar Bittersweet

We’re also enthusiastic makers of dairy-free dark chocolate. The process begins with the most delicious cocoa beans around. We carefully roast, winnow and grind them into a deep and silky gourmet dark chocolate.