Our Vermont-made Chocolate


Our Vermont Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Hollow is a vegan chocolate factory in Winooski, Vermont.

This is the home of Schmilk, our original vegan milk chocolate. 

Our recipes are inspired by limitations in ingredient choice but the culinary possibilities are endless! We are all about exploration in chocolate. Our first priority is to chase deliciousness.

Original Dairy-Free Chocolate Recipes

Dairy-free chocolate is an ethical solution to mainstream chocolate production. Using wholesome ingredients and our secret Schmilk recipe we recreate traditional milk chocolate favorites. All of our chocolate is also gluten-free. 


Milk chocolate is close to the hearts of many. Our dairy-free chocolate business is inspired by ethical concerns about mainstream chocolate production. We are here to serve those who wish to avoid dairy for any reason. Our Schmilk chocolate is made with fair-trade, non-gmo ingredients. 


We're also enthusiastic makers of dairy-free dark chocolate. Silky and deep, our 72% dark chocolate is sure to please and satiate the palate. Our dark chocolate is always made using fair-trade ingredients and is non-gmo as well.