Dairy-Free Chocolate Ingredients


Fair Trade Chocolate

Making socially responsible buying choices is also crucial to our chocolate mission. We are committed to buying only fairly traded cacao and sugar, and use almost all organic ingredients. Fair-trade cocoa and fair-trade sugar, direct-trade cacao beans, and as organic as possible all the way around!

We only use the very best stuff in the making of our artisan chocolate. Here is some info about our special ingredients:


The Cacao Beans

Cacao beans are the heart of chocolate. Cacao is a diverse species and different strains have distinctive tastes. Fruity, nutty, floral, earthy, savory…There is so much to explore in the world of fine-flavor cacao! Exploration is a core value of Chocolate Hollow. At this Vermont chocolate factory we switch it up.

On each bar of 72% Cacao Bittersweet, the type of cacao is described. Only fairly traded and organic cacao beans are considered.

DSC_0695 (2)


Cocoa Butter

We use only organic and fair-trade cocoa butter. Natural cocoa butter has a subtle and lovely aroma that adds character to our chocolate creations. Many competitors in this industry cut costs by using inferior fats to replace some of the cocoa butter. We never do this. Flavor and quality are our top priorities. Making the very best vegan milk chocolate is serious business.




Vegan Sugar

The only sweetener we use in our chocolate is an organic and fair-trade evaporated cane juice. Blonde and beautiful!


The Schmilky Component

Milk chocolate is typically made with the addition of dairy milk powder. This is what makes it mellow and milky. (Liquid milk will not mix well with the other ingredients.) As long as one is making chocolate from scratch, it is no problem to use another sort of dried milk. Vegan milk chocolate is born!

We use a delicious and wholesome blend of macadamia and organic soy milk.


Photo of toasted cherries, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia

Other Ingredients

We also use organic vanilla, sunflower lecithin (to perfect the mouthfeel), and wholesome toasted nuts and cherries. The use of sunflower lecithin allows us to make soy-free dark chocolate. Now that certified sustainable palm oil is available, we use it to make our peanut butter logs even more delicious than before.

All of our artisan chocolate bars are made with our own gluten-free chocolate.