Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make vegan chocolate?

Without too much difficulty! Quality dark chocolate should be made from only cocoa liquor (pulverized cacao nibs), sugar, additional cocoa butter, and possibly a little vanilla and lecithin. Automatically dairy-free…No problem! Milk chocolate is typically made with the addition of dairy milk powder. This is what makes it milky. (Liquid milk will not mix well with the other ingredients.) As long as one is starting with cacao beans, it is no problem to use another sort of milk powder. Vegan milk chocolate is born! A lot of experimenting has gone into the current version of our vegan milk chocolate recipe. The result is luscious, creamy vegan chocolate.

How does Schmilk chocolate compare taste-wise to traditional milk chocolate?

There is quite a bit of taste variation within milk chocolate. For example, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is easily distinguishable from Godiva and they’re both easily distinguishable from Lindt. Schmilk doesn’t taste ‘just like’ any of these familiar milk chocolates. It differs subtly from each distinct milk chocolate, just as different dairy milk chocolates differ from each other. Upon tasting it, I think you will agree that it belongs in the milk chocolate category. It is high quality, made with pure cocoa butter- no foreign fats are added to cut costs.

How are direct trade cacao beans for the Bittersweet selected?

We work with distributors of fine flavor organic and direct-trade cacao beans (usually Criollo or Trinitario, most often from South and Central America), sampling cacao beans that sound delicious and interesting and choosing varieties that are distinct from each other. Once the cacao beans arrive, we experiment with roasting times to optimize the flavor.

How is the chocolate shipped?

We are currently switching over from solely using USPS, to using a combination of USPS and Fedex Express. We use ice packs when necessary. For larger orders, we take care of the shipping charges for you.

Will you do special orders that are not bars or logs?

Yes. We do bulk orders of small boxes of chocolates for weddings, party favors, workplace gifts, etc. Vegan peanut butter chocolates, dairy-free truffle and vegan caramel filled chocolates, clusters, pastilles… If you have a special request Please send an email!

How do wholesale orders work?

Thank-you for your interest! Please email for information on wholesale dairy-free chocolate.

Do you use eco-friendly packaging?

The bars are hand-wrapped in recyclable foil, then in a 100% recycled paper sleeve. We use recycled packing material to protect chocolate in online orders.

Who does your branding?

The logo and branding was done by designer Tony Cohen. His website is